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Coming Soon...

We're excited to present our new brand, Sunova - a place where we can share and grow excellence across public services. 

See a full list of features below.

A Community of Practice

Sunova brings together a network of commissioning professionals and associated practitioners across the UK and internationally to develop best practice models of service delivery. 

Data & Market Management insights

Access unique market management intelligence, reports and visualisations to support strategic commissioning intentions, market position statements and sustainability plans.

Access expert advice

Get expert advice from Sunova's team of Directors and Associates with experience of leading and delivering large-scale change programmes across complex commissioning organisations.

Coaching Commissioning Excellence

Access CPD-accredited courses through our Commissioning Coach platform, with training modules and practical assignments to implement solutions to live challenges in your organisation.

Access all our toolkits, free, forever

Recieve free updates for life and beta access to new toolkits with the highest available membership, such as our Cost of Care, Contingency Planning and Market Viability tools published via the Local Government Association & DHSC.

License or subscribe

Choose from a range of subscription options, at individual and organisation level, with choices for annual or lifetime memberships that cover content licenses and access to member groups. 

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