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Commissioning & Operations

Given the mounting pressures and changing landscape within the commercial sector, as well as Local and Central Government, organisations are required to examine and reform the ways they work and seriously consider different service delivery options where performance, productivity and efficiency gains cannot be made. Essential in meeting rising demand and fiscal constraints is ensuring that the service strategy is supported by the Target Operating Model (TOM).

This changing landscape also requires organisations to adopt new and different approaches to funding and delivering cost efficient and effective services.  Improving outcomes and the well-being of communities with reduced resources (money and people) is encouraging greater commercialisation – driving down costs, optimising income generation and designing new and integrated services. We specialise in building commissioning capacity and capability in public sector organisations, whether it’s working with you to develop and improve your commissioning strategy, approaches, practice, skills, structures, and tools and techniques, or helping to commission, re-commission, or de-commission a specific service. If you’re struggling to make real your strategic intent regarding commissioning, we can help you through some of our unique offerings:

Private Sector


Sales Force Development

We can provide a full range of training and  development for your staff, covering Business Development Skills, Understanding the Sales Process, Managing a Sales Team to optimise performance, Maximising Individual Sales Potential, Managing Customer Relationships and Understanding the Tender process.​

Selling to the
Public Sector

Our detailed experience of public sector purchasing and competative tendering gives valuable insight into how to position your services and demonstrate your social impact. Setting you apart from your competitors.​

Product Packaging


When budgets are stretched, we can support you with identification
of financial returns through operational improvement, vendor and supplier management, insourcing/externalising spend
and collaboration opportunities.​


We can support you to identify and prioritise specific commercial opportunities and evaluate return on investment. Providing a detailed understanding of the relationship between return, risk and barriers to entry across current and future markets and customers. We will also support you to articulate what sets you apart from your competitors.​

Public Sector

Helping you to make sense of the duty placed on councils through the Care Act. Undertaken properly, an assessment of market sustainability is an extremely useful tool to help make resource stretch that bit further and also to identify and get ahead of future risks and challenges in the market. Our approach dovetails with our cost review offer..​

Green Buildings


Understanding how your customers enter the service and ensuring 'every contact counts' is key to meeting current public sector challenges. We run extensive workshops with a range of stakeholders to understand and challenge the 'as is' and help to identify new processes to reduce duplication and prevent increased demand and escalation of needs.

Journey Mapping

Our strength in alternative service delivery models is supported by our detailed operational change experience across all local government services. This enables us to work with Councils to determine the optimum service strategy and then identify the appropriate alternative service delivery vehicle using ‘as-is’ as a benchmark..


Our commissioning audit and health check is designed to help you to identify and shape development plans for your commissioning functions. We will conduct a tried and tested methodology which establishes if you are clear what you are purchasing, have controls to ensure best value, have a clear strategic plan and understand what drives your market.

Audit and
Health Check

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