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Resources & Workforce

We specialise in building commissioning capacity and capability in public sector organisations, whether it’s working with you to develop and improve your commissioning strategy, approaches, practice, skills, structures, and tools and techniques, or helping to commission, re-commission, or de-commission a specific service. If you’re struggling to make real your strategic intent regarding commissioning, we can help you through some of our unique offerings:.

Services can be provided on a guidance only, tailored solution or retained basis. The important thing is you decide on the option and only pay for the services you use leaving you to dedicate your time to running your business. All services are overseen by Tracy Clarke, our highly experienced HR Executive and are transferrable across all sectors.

Private Sector

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Audit and

We provide an in-depth HR Audit & Health Check, utilising industry recognised metrics and analytics to ensure that your organisation is compliant with legislation and any risks are mitigated, for example,
checking that your terms and conditions standardised and fit for


We can develop bespoke contracts of employment, employee handbooks, person specifications & job descriptions, discipline, dismissal and grievance guidance, performance review and absence management procedures for your organisation.

CPD and
Skills Development

We can provide a full range of training and skills development for your staff covering: the employment lifecycle, selection and recruitment, interview skills, managing the hiring process, performance management and appraisal, employee investigations, discipline and grievance procedures.​

Independent Workplace Investigations

Investigations can be time-consuming and complex.  We manage each investigation with confidentiality and impartiality. An investigation package includes preliminary consultation and formal interviews, review of relevant supporting documents, documentation e.g. draft and final report, witness statements, supporting evidence and feedback meetings.​

Public Sector

We can support you through what is often a high risk and highly complex process of workforce rationalisation. This can include supporting your managers to conduct exit interviews, negotiate settlement agreements and conduct impartial redundancy exercises.

Industrial Drill

Workforce Rationalisation

We can establish fair fee structures and assess variances in service levels through robust audit, review and negotiation of spend on individual external placements. This service is available across Adults, Children’s and Special Educational Needs, to ensure value for money.
Typically, our interventions deliver a 3:1 RoI.

Conference Room

Cost Review and Negotiation

Improving performance of services and a culture of KPI’s has been a first response to the fiscal pressures. However, when making decisions around the value of services and interventions ask, do you really know the impact of the service (positive and negative) and how this can effect the communities you represent and your partners?


VFM and Impact Assessment

The current drive to invest in prevention and well-being services can place significant pressures on existing service budgets.
Our four-step approach supports you to understand your current provision (across partners) and how this may be improved
to better suit local need and budget constraints.

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Understanding the Service Offer

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