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Spirit, Signatures and Principles  

Working with the right people, using the right approach, towards the right goal. 

Problem solving is the core purpose of almost all our work - and how we get there is important.  Each and every one of us has our own style, ways of working and general principles which shape how we interact within our organisations, our projects, and with each other.  Here you'll find some insight into how we work and our approach to delivering for our clients.

Our Spirit

ARCC's organisational spirit sets out the qualities and characteristics that define our common approach and collective behaviour towards everything we do.

Umbrella unique innovator stand out from the crowd

Be a disruptor.

We'll challenge the status quo, and don't just accept solutions to problems that have been tried before.

People in a line green environment cheer positive together

Be an asset.

We'll constantly make sure we're adding value in anything and everything we do.

Change reflect distorted water drop

Reflect often.

We're highly reflective, we respect other viewpoints and we'll rethink solutions from all angles.

Desert stand out unique footsteps make your mark

Even if reality means we may fall short of our targets, we strive for the ideal so that we may achieve the highest possible outcome.

Be an idealist.

mountain ski daring challenging human

Be human.

We may be consultants, but we're also people, living in communities, with families and networks from all different economic, social and cultural backgrounds - so we expect to be able to have more than one point of view, and trust others to do the same.

autumn leaves colour diversity flexible

We work best with people who believe what we believe, not those who just need what we have.

Share your beliefs.

neon arrow innovate up progress

Create a positive future.

We’re passionate about creating a world we’d want others to grow up in too.

building interweave connected bright colourful

Value honesty.

We value honesty and constructive opinion and will ask questions others wouldn't to get to the root of the problem.

umbrella street crowd stand out bold empowering

Empower leadership.

We work with teams and organisations to build leadership that is empowered, knowledgeable and motivated to create a people-centric culture of engagement.


Signatures of our work

Signatures are the hallmark of our work that makes our process unique. 

1.  Define root cause.

We know that presenting problems are often symptoms of another root cause and will work on defining this first in order to find long-term solutions that last.

2.  Elevate individual behaviour.

We believe individual behaviour is the largest driver of change or persistence in a system – and so solutions must be centred around this quality.

3.  Redefine choice.

We believe a system that pre-defines choice will ultimately fail – and so our work always aims to move the dial in favour of the individual person as the most sustainable option.

4.  Intelligence over data.

We believe in intelligence over data – and that a lack of data does not invalidate the intelligence gleaned through experiential or subjective observation.

5.  Test by doing.

We believe the best way to test success is by doing, using iterative application, rather than excessive planning toward "big-bang" approaches.

6.  Avoid profiling.

We assume person-centred has, by definition, no category or profile that can be applied – therefore subjective, qualitative and contextual characteristics are key to building solutions.


Working Principles  

When we work with you, you can expect the following from us.  We will:

  • Act without bias to our own role

  • Work on what we truly believe in

  • Advise, guide, coach, train and walk through every step of the problem

  • Define each course of action through clearly sustainable results

  • Frame and re-frame the problem

  • Show our working

  • Work with your strengths, not your weaknesses

  • Seek opportunities to utilise outside knowledge

  • Recognise the uniqueness of systems and treat benchmarks accordingly

  • Value outputs over inputs, and arrive at the best outcome without over-burdening your resources

  • Always follow up

  • Provide an alternative solution when critiquing

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